Setup instructions


This page contains instructions on setting up the Dooba SDK.

In the simplest use cases, the SDK does not require any from of installation - simply cloning the repository is enough to get running.

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Get a toolchain (if you don't already have one)

If you do not already have an AVR8 toolchain (for example if this is your first time getting into microcontrollers), don't worry! It takes about 20 seconds and is dead-simple.
Just follow the instructions here.

Get the SDK

The latest version of the Dooba SDK is always available for download through our git server.
It can be obtained using the following command:

git clone git://

Setup for using a workspace

If you don't intend to work directly inside the SDK, you'll probably need to access the build script dbuild from outside of the SDK (such as your workspace directory).
To make sure that you can use dbuild from anywhere, simply link it in a $PATH-accessible directory such as /usr/bin.

cd DoobaFirmware
sudo ln -s "`realpath ./dbuild`" /usr/bin

Have fun!

Congratulations! You are now setup to start building firmware using the Dooba SDK :)

There are a number of ways you can start using the SDK, but the two main options (recommended by us) are: